The Ebony House Alumni Association is composed of men and women who have graduated from Ebony/Elba House and have positively reintegrated into the community. The Alumni Association is a dedicated group of people that participate in positive community endeavors and work to create and maintain supports for continued sobriety and recovery. The group strives to be a support to both current and previous clients of Ebony/Elba House in their sobriety, recovery and reintegration.

Alumni Association meetings are held every other Saturday of each month and host several events throughout the year such as Support Groups for Alumni, Friends and Families, Sobriety Dances, dinners and raffles. Please check the Alumni Calendar for a list of current events and gatherings.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can participate in the Alumni Association or have questions regarding the Alumni Association please contact Charles Ray Hayes, Alumni Chairperson at (602) 465.6904 or by email at