Parent Aide Services

Since the humble beginnings in July 2012 the Parent Aide Services Program has directly contracted with the Arizona Department of Economic Security (DES)/Division of Child Safety (DCS) to work with families whose children (0-18 years) who are currently placed in DCS custody. This program provides services for individuals and families who are in the process of investigation or resolution of issues related to DCS involvement. Trained Parent Aides work on engaging parents in developing and following a plan for successful family reunification. Services rendered are usually between three and six month's duration and are available to families within the Maricopa/Pinal County.

Program Goals

  • Monitor parent-child interactions, parenting abilities and nurturing skills during visitations.
  • Encourage and promote behavioral changes in the parent/caregiver.
  • Minimize safety risks.
  • Assess progress related to the behavioral and safety reasons that resulted in the removal of the children.
  • Provide written reports and communicate with DCS to assist with recommendations on reunification/severance decisions.
  • Build natural and community support systems with the parents in order to enrich the family.

Services Provided

  • Supervised Visitations- Visits that occur between the parent-child are under consistent observation by a Parent Aide who documents, coaches and provides feedback regarding the interactions to ensure appropriateness and safety. Visits take place in various locations such as the community, visitation centers, DCS offices, EHI Parent Aide Office visitation room or when authorized in the natural home environment.
  • Parenting Skills- Individual one-on-on sessions occur weekly for an hour between the designated Parent Aide and the parent/caregiver. Sessions are dedicated to reflecting on the interactions that transpired during visits, discuss progress on behavioral changes, identify areas of improvement and to provide community resource information to the parents to encourage independence and help sustain the family.