Youth & Young Adult Services

This program provides behavioral health services to children and young adults who need to adjust and stabilize behaviors that affect family and community relationships. A home-based program, it is individualized and provides therapeutic guidance for children and families through wrap-around services. Youth & Young Adult Behavioral Health Services is licensed and credentialed through the Arizona Department of Health Services and the Regional Behavioral Health Authority.

Crisis Number: (602)796-6775

Program Goals

The goal of the program is to utilize best practices to improve child and family relationships and reconnect to community supports through evidence-based interventions designed to:

  • Improve functional outcomes
  • Stabilize the individual's condition
  • Minimize safety risks
  • Support training for parents
  • Building natural and community support systems
  • Facilitate multi-system collaboration
  • Provide comprehensive behavioral health services

Services Provided

  • Assessment and Treatment Planning
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Individual and/or Group Counseling (Specialized and Gender Specific)
  • Parenting Classes
  • Alcohol and Drug Education
  • Child & Family Teams
  • Therapeutic Family Counseling
  • Psychiatric Evaluations and Medication Monitoring
  • General Living Skills
  • Family Support
  • Community Resource and Referrals