Donation Forms

Donation Guidelines

Donations are tax deductible. Ebony House Inc. appreciates the good will and generosity of our donors but ask you to read the guidelines posted here before bringing your items. We are forced to haul items that we can not use to the dump, which is costly and wasteful, and therefore reduces funding of our services and programs. A good rule of thumb when donating your used items is to ask yourself, "Would I give this to a friend or family member?"

Donation items we accept

  • Clothing - New or gently used clothing (Men, Women, Children), accessories and shoes are welcomed. Please - no clothing that needs to be cleaned, repaired or is stained. It would be very helpful to put sizes on the things you donate.
  • Furniture - Used furniture in resale value shape, tables, computer desks, bookcases, chairs, some upholstered items (if clean and intact). Vintage or unique items are happily accepted. Please no sofa beds, furniture in need of repair, no pressboard or rickety items. Remember, if we can't sell it, we have to throw it away and trash disposal is a very high cost for the store.
  • Electronics - Televisions (especially with their remotes), DVD players and VCRs less than 8 years old are great donations if they are in good working order. Some newer microwaves and other every day electronics are OK but remember, we can't repair things.
  • Sheets and towels - New or nearly new and clean.
  • House wares - Dishes, silverware, utensils, etc. (no chips or rusting items).
  • Office and art supplies - new, gently used and reusable items only please.
  • Small kitchen appliances - still in good working order only.
  • Toys - only if they are complete, in their original box and in working order. Please. Vintage toys in good shape would be very welcomed.
  • Books and stationery - in decent shape, no tears or ripped pages, please.
  • Other items include toiletries, feminine products, household items, home decor and lamps, luggage and baskets, and sporting goods.

Call us if you have a special item! It's tough to list every single item, but anything that someone homeless or in need is an item of interest.

A word about unacceptable donations

Our space is limited. Please understand that while we appreciate that you are thinking of us, we just can't take everything. We are forced to haul items that aren't usabale to the dump, which is costly and wasteful, and takes away funds for our services we provide.

  • Items that are broken, damaged, dirty, odorous, stained, torn, wet, moldy, rusty or frayed are not useable.
  • Items that have spent numerous seasons exposed to pet hair or the elements are not useable.
  • Items that have survived a month of garage sales probably are not useable.

Tax receipt

We offer a tax receipt to donors only at the time of donation. A donor must provide a name and a list of the donated items with a fair market value. Donors are responsible to assign the fair market value of any donated item. Only one receipt will be offered per donor present. One copy goes to the donor and one copy is for our records. Please hold onto your receipts as we are unable to duplicate them if lost or misplaced. If you donate money online you may do so via PAYPAL. Your donation receipt will be provided at the time of your transaction. If you fill out our online donation form for items you wish to donate, a receipt will be provided once the items have been dropped off or picked up.

Donation drop-offs

Please call for an appointment to drop-off your "gently used" furniture, house wares, domestics and clothing at one of our locations. Before dropping off your donation, please read our donation guidelines above to ensure your items are useable. We appreciate your generosity and goodwill; however, disposal of any item we can not use costs us money.

Ebony House Inc
6222 South 13th St.
Phoenix, Az. 85042

Donation drop-off hours
Monday through Friday
10 am - 6 pm

Donation pick-ups

Please call 602-276-4288 Monday through Friday, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. in advance to schedule the date and time of pick up.

Ebony House Inc offers a pick up service of furniture on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings (typically 8 a.m. to Noon). Before we pick up your donation, check with your neighbors to see if they have unwanted items they would like to donate. The more donations to pick-up in one general neighborhood, the better!

To prepare for donations pick-up:

  • Please have the merchandise boxed or bagged and ready to be removed.
  • If arrangements are made for pick-up during your absence, please have the merchandise labeled for Ebony House Inc.

Certain pick-up conditions apply. For example, is the resale value of the items donated greater than the cost of the pick-up? Does the item require more store space than is available? Again, we appreciate your generosity; however, we are committed to raising revenue for our services and programs.

Business in-kind gifts

Ebony House Inc. welcomes alliances with furniture and other manufacturers, distributors, liquidators, retailers and other logical in-kind donors

Do you have overstocks, returns or cosmetically damaged goods? There are great tax advantages to your business for making a gift of these to Ebony House Inc..

For more information about your business donating merchandise as in-kind gifts, please contact [Contact Person], Executive Director of Ebony House Outreach by calling 602-254-6180 extension 215 or emailing

Community donation drives

Ebony House Inc. welcomes alliances with businesses, schools, churches, service clubs and civic organizations to promote, and follow up on clothing and household goods collection drives.

The goods requested can be normal inventory needed in the store. Other goods may be requested to meet identified needs of merchandise not presently available, and may be requested to be new or used, or both.

To become a community partner, please contact Calicia White by calling 602-276-4288 or emailing